Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Ultimate Irony

By Jeff Simpson

Baylor University's Board of Regents has voted to fire university president and chancellor Ken Starr due to his lackadaisical response and failure to investigate sexual assault on campus.  

Nuff Said

Jesse Kremer Did Not Get The Memo

By Jeff Simpson 

A quick check of Representative Jesse Kremer's official facebook page and you run into this picture he posted.

As a Christian and practicing Lutheran/Catholic I appreciate that.  Then continuing to scroll up the page and in what seems like Bizarro Christianity, this comes up.

Ever wonder why we need a "Public Benefit Reform" committee?
This receipt, mailed to me by an observant Kewaskum voter, details nearly $500 in food stamp purchases just before Christmas... must have been quite a party!
Need I say more? (Last time I had lobster was in the sandbox of Kuwait, probably because it was plentiful in the mercury infested gulf.)
Two lobster at $21.99 ea.
Meat Dept. item for $70.70
Another Meat Dept. item for $33.38
Another Meat Dept. item for $67.56
3# Ground Round for $24.98
Beef Chuck Roast for $24.00
Total bill: $633.28. Total paid out of pocket? $36.77!

Wait wha???  One of these things is NOT like the other.   For one we do not even know if this receipt is real as fakes like this have been floating around forever trying to justify "public benefit reform".

The concept of the food-stamp queen was first proffered by Ronald Reagan during a 1976 campaign speech. "In Chicago, they found a woman who holds the record," he told the assembled crowd. "She used 80 names, 30 addresses, 15 telephone numbers to collect food stamps, Social Security, veterans’ benefits for four nonexistent deceased veteran husbands, as well as welfare. Her tax-free cash income alone has been running $150,000 a year." Reagan's story turned out to be a gross exaggeration of a minor case of welfare fraud, but since their patron saint conjured her up, conservatives have been unable to rid themselves of the image of the food-stamp queen. And despite her nonexistence, they've tried over and over again to stamp her out.
Putting aside what "saint" Ronnie (The patron Saint of racism) had to say, let's check what the Good Book has to say:

Matthew 25:37-40Then the righteous will answer him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink? And when did we see you a stranger and welcome you, or naked and clothe you? And when did we see you sick or in prison and visit you?’ And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’

Proverbs 14:31
Whoever oppresses a poor man insults his Maker, but he who is generous to the needy honors him.

Proverbs 22:9Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shares his bread with the poor.
That has to be a typo....a mistake that didn't get caught by the editor and publisher right?   Well no,

Proverbs 19:17
Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.

Job 31:16-21
“If I have withheld anything that the poor desired, or have caused the eyes of the widow to fail, or have eaten my morsel alone, and the fatherless has not eaten of it (for from my youth the fatherless grew up with me as with a father, and from my mother's womb I guided the widow), if I have seen anyone perish for lack of clothing, or the needy without covering, if his body has not blessed me, and if he was not warmed with the fleece of my sheep, ...

Leviticus 19:10-11 

And you shall not strip your vineyard bare, neither shall you gather the fallen grapes of your vineyard. You shall leave them for the poor and for the sojourner: I am theLord your God. “You shall not steal; you shall not deal falsely; you shall not lie to one another.

Wow lots of focus on treating the poor and hungry well but I can not seem to find anything about judging people you know nothing of without any information.   I did find this one though:

1 John 3:17-18 

But if anyone has the world's goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God's love abide in him? Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.

Interesting reading the Bible can be!   Besides small Government Jesse Kremer did not tell us in his post what foods poor people should be allowed to eat and which ones they should not.  Who knows better what food you should buy and cook for your family than Jesse Kremer.   If people are poor its their own choice and the best way to deal with it is not legislatively but public shaming of course!

And that is what we are saying, when we talk disdainfully about poor people buying lobster and steak, or nice phones, or new clothes. We are saying, you are not sorry and ashamed enough. You do not hate your poor existence enough. Because when you are poor, you are supposed to take the help that is never enough and stretch it so you have just enough misery to get by. Because when you are poor you are supposed to eat ramen every day and you are supposed to know that every bite of that nutrition-less soup is your punishment for bad life decisions. Your kids are supposed to be mocked at school for their outdated clothes—how else will they know to not end up like you when they grow up?
And for heaven’s sake, the last thing you should be allowed to do is to take one evening with your kids to sit at a table and eat a dish of pure indulgence in the hopes that your children will have a few minutes to feel the same way you did when you were a kid and you weren’t ashamed to exist.

What Walker Is Selling, No One Is Buying

When Scott Walker was revealed to be the incompetent nincompoop he really was, the money that had been pouring into his presidential campaign dried up fast. By the end of 70 short days, he had nothing to show for his presidential aspirations but a debt of more than a million dollars.

Walker tried everything he could think of to get out of the hole he found himself in.

He begged for the money even as the State of Wisconsin was in a downward spiral. He tried to sell chintzy lapel pins made in China and resembling the logo for America's Best Contacts and Eyeglasses. He sold his own home. He tried to sell off his unwanted campaign t-shirts, although he promised the same lack of service that he gave us as governor. He had a rummage sale for his old campaign stuff.

Heck, he even had Ted Cruz trying to help him out.

But despite all of this, Walker is just as deep in the hole as he ever was:
Like a tiresome house guest, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's campaign debt is lingering.

The latest federal filing shows that the GOP governor still has nearly $900,000 in debt from his unsuccessful presidential run, and that donations to retire it dipped last month.


In April, Walker's presidential campaign took in just under $71,000 in donations and other income, down from the roughly $128,000 that the campaign received in March.
What is also telling is that his presidential campaign didn't end up in debt because of his campaign manager, Rick Wiley, as he led people to believe. One look at his gubernatorial campaign finances show who is the real spendthrift:
The presidential committee is separate from Walker's governor's campaign, which raised more than $500,000 in the second half of last year but spent most of it. That left him with a balance of $20,000 in his state account.
For Walker, failure is not an option...it is the only option.

Mike Tate - The Gift That Keeps Taking

By Jeff Simpson 

The WISDEMS are getting ready to hold their annual convention, and this year it is in Green Bay. The problem is they have to clean up Mike Tates mess first.  Seems Mr. Tate., of the $12200+/yr salary, was one that did not like paying his bills! 

When officials from the state Democratic Party show up for their convention in Green Bay in a couple of weeks, they may have to pay in cash.
 That's because they still haven't paid the full bill from their 2009 convention at the same hotel.
 Records filed earlier this month with the Federal Election Commission show the state Democratic Party still owes $5,807.34 to the Radisson Hotel & Conference Center — Green Bay.
 The total bill for the event was just over $15,000, according to federal reports. It appears that the party last made a payment for $7,350 in January 2011 but has coughed up zilch since then.
In a time when the Democratic Party should be pointing out the our Governor is delinquent in paying off his $900,000 bar bill that he owes the taxpayers of Wisconsin, instead they have to answer for more of Tate's failures.  

Mike Tate still has a spot on the administration Committee, even after taking the money and running to anti union Chris Abele.  Tate used Abele's money to smear his old friend Chris Larson to win the County Executives race.   On top of that the smear campaign orchestrated by Tate, was so dirty, it drove down turnout and helped us say welcome Justice Bradley.   

Make sure and thank Mike when you see him!!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Clarke: NRA Is The Biggest Civil Rights Movement

In case the gentle reader somehow missed it, the NRA had their convention this past weekend. To help promote this year's propaganda - which is the same as every year's propaganda - they had Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on Faux News to bash Hillary Clinton by repeatedly referring to Hillary Clinton as "Mrs. Bill Clinton" and accusing her of wanting to take everyone's guns away.

(I thought Barack Obama was going to take everyone's guns away by now. What IS taking so long?!)

Along with the usual right wing nut rhetoric, Clarke couldn't help but come up with some real humdingers like this one:
"Gun-free zones are killing fields, gun-free zones have gotten people killed," Clarke said, pointing out that a majority of mass shootings take place in areas where guns are restricted.

"The only person [who] is safe in a gun-free zone is the criminal."
Another mind-boggling claim by Clarke was when he proclaimed the NRA the greatest civil rights movement in history. This was just an echo of what he said to the convention goers on Friday when he told people they should be bitter gun-clingers:
He warned that being selective about constitutional rights to fit a "leftist agenda" leads to "government tyranny," which garnered applause from the audience. Framers of the Constitution understood the threat posed by strong central government, he said, and that's why they included the safeguard of the Second Amendment.

"They knew that only an armed citizenry could keep the government in check," he said.

In addition, Clarke said Nazi Germany's use of firearm registration laws to confiscate weapons from Jews "rendered them defenseless from attacks."

He also argued that slaves, who were not allowed to possess weapons, were not truly free until the ratification of the 14th Amendment, which granted citizenship to former slaves, "allowed newly freed slaves to arm and...defend themselves against ongoing mob violence, kidnappings and lynchings."

"My ancestors fought hard and shed blood for the right to keep and bear arms for self-defense, and I am not going to cede that right back to the federal government, or any level government for that matter, and neither should you," Clarke said.
On a final note, what really cracked me up its hypocrisy is when Clarke said that Hillary should give up her armed Secret Service guards. This is a guy who carries a gun 24/7 as part of his job and political posturing and also needs an around-the-clock deputies guarding him. I guess his gun isn't much protection after all.

Privatizer Low Class - Robin Vos

By Jeff Simpson

We recently brought you the story of how the UW Administration is warning the Professors and other staff, who keep having no confidence votes in their ability to lead, that the Governor is very petty and he will punish the whole university system for criticizing him.   

 The attacks on the University of Wisconsin system have had real and long last effects.   The University of Wisconsin system is truly the engine that drives our economy and for someone in a position as Scott Walker to punish his perceived enemies, because they have a differing opinion while making the whole state suffer for years shows you exactly who Scott Walker and his allies are. 
That an op-ed written by a Professor would have any effect on the UW-System funding in the next budget shows that they are not fit to be on a Junior High Student Council. 
Well as we say here, there is more - There is always more:

It turns out Scott Walkers allies are just as small minded, petty and unfit to govern as he is.

Majority Speaker Robin Vos, who once had this to say about the University of Wisconsin system:

 Continually, time after time after time, you have embarrassed the state of Wisconsin, said Rep. Robin Vos, R-Burlington. Seated just feet from him were the targets of his fury: Kevin Reilly, University of Wisconsin System President, and David Ward, interim chancellor of UW-Madison.

Robin Vos, who liked the University of Whitewater so much he took extra time finishing,  is back at it again.  Vos is very upset that the Faculty continue to hold No Confidence votes regarding their Administration and Board of Regents.

 Apparently, Vos is the only person in WI allowed to criticize UW administration.

And UW faculty should be thankful that legislators allowed the Regents to set new tenure guidelines because, Vos said, “I might have eliminated tenure altogether.”
Vos said he only agreed to let the Regents enact new tenure guidelines at the request of Cross.
Walker accused protesting UW faculty members of “groaning.” The governor who will hand the Legislature a proposed budget next year not only hinted that the four-year undergraduate tuition freeze might be extended two more years, but he also added in his weekly public update:

Robin "Small Government"Vos said the people who actually drive our economic engine in WI should be happy that  the GOP appointed Board of Regents.  Robin Vos really does not understand how things work in Wisconsin so let me help.  

The Board is responsible for establishing policies and rules for governing the System, planning to meet future state needs for collegiate education, setting admission standards and policies, reviewing and approving university budgets, and establishing the regulatory framework within which the individual units are allowed to operate with as great a degree of autonomy as possible.  The Board appoints the president of the university system and the chancellors of the 13 universities and UW-Extension and UW Colleges.  The Board grants tenure appointments to faculty members
The Board of Regents is responsible for the things that Robin Vos mistakenly thinks that he is responsible for.  I guess when you feel your superior to the rest of WIsconsin you fee; the need to run every aspect of our lives.  

They will use the taxpayers are paying for the university but that argument really is dishonest:

Walker is right; the total UW System budget is a record $6.19 billion this year.
But only $1.03 billion—or 16 percent—of that will come from state taxes. For nine years, legislators and governors of both parties have kept annual aid to the UW System at about $1.1 billion. In that same period, total UW System spending went up 43 percent—from $4.3 billion to $6.19 billion.
16% of the budget comes from tax dollars yet the WISGOP feel the need to micromanage 100 % of the control.  

Try and figure that one out .....

We have a chance again this November to make real reforms and change in WI and vote out the big government Republicans.  

Andy Mitchell is running to bring ethical intelligent behavior back to the 63rd district of WI,   Like his page and help him out!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Kooyenga Kapers

By Jeff Simpson 

This guy who was drunk on the floor of the Capitol while voting on the budget:

Captain slur words, who was done with his job in early March when session was over, also wrote well plagiarized from ALEC, the "Opportunity schools" bill.  This bill allows the Milwaukee County Executive with no education experience to take over schools, and turn them into unaccountable Charters.

Kooyenga's irony knows no bounds, so he decided to join a forum recently with Milwaukee Teachers Union Executive Director Lauren Baker.

Baker said the per-pupil funding formula values MPS students in some cases thousands of dollars less than their suburban counterparts.Kooyenga called it "a little disingenuous" to push for more funding for MPS students unless she also supports equal funding for voucher and charter schools, which receive about two-thirds the amount of public schools."Would you support raising the choice and voucher amount?" he asked Baker.Baker said she would have that conversation "when you tell me that all of those schools will follow the open meetings and open records laws in Wisconsin so I can see how that money is being spent and I know the accountability standards are the same as they are for public schools."

Kooyenga had this to say:

If we had a local media who was out to inform the public of actual news, here are some questions they might ask.  

The problem with our public education system is teachers are not working enough hours?  Does he have any proof of that?  What exactly does he base that on?  Does he make random statements based on nothing as a general rule?  I am also curious as to how teachers working more hours would fix the budget?  Would teachers grading tests or papers quicker stop the Governor from record borrowing? When was the last time Mr. Kooyenga worked from 7 until 6?  How many days in session are they?

Since no one will ask these questions, we have a good idea what the answers are.

Thankfully for the citizens of Wisconsin, someone took a good look at how awful, unprofessional, unprepared and extreme Mr. Kooyenga is and has decided to step up to run against him.

Please support Chris Rockwood for Assembly.   If you live in the district, send him $20 and volunteer to send Chris to Madison.   If you do not live in the district, send him $5 and call your friend who lives in the district and get them on board.   Let's let Dale have more time on his hands to have more three beer lunches!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Walker Scorecard

By Jeff SImpson

In Case You Missed It:

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign came up with the worst 100 things that have happened in Wisconsin under Scott Walker:

1. Public School Funding – 2011 Act 32 – Cuts state funding for public schools by the largest amount in state history -- $830 million over two years – and creates a school voucher program for Racine. Increases state spending on voucher schools to about $300 million from 2011-13.2. Tech College Funding – 2011 Act 32 – Cuts state funding for technical colleges by the largest amount in state history – $72 million over two years.

As we know, there is always more:

The non partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau released a memo stating that the WISGOP have passed 128 provisions that are either unfunded mandates or directly take away local control.

Included on the list are revenue limit restrictions passed during the 2011-12 legislative session, a measure that prohibits local governments from enforcing a residency requirement for its public employees in 2013-14, and in 2015-16, easing restrictions on development on buildings or homes in a shoreland setback area and requiring all high school seniors to pass a civics test to graduate.
Image result for scott walker drinking

Target Practice On Your Ex, The NRA Way

By Jeff Simpson

The NRA has given Scott Walker an A+ rating and had this to say about him:

Fairfax, Va. – On behalf of our five million members across the country, the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) is proud to endorse Scott Walker for reelection as Governor of Wisconsin.
Based on his leadership on Second Amendment issues, Walker has earned an "A+" rating from the NRA-PVF in the 2014 general election.  An "A+" is the highest possible rating and is reserved for elected officials with an excellent public record on critical NRA issues who have also made a vigorous effort to promote and defend the Second Amendment.
"Scott Walker is a battle-tested leader in the fight to preserve Second Amendment rights in Wisconsin," said Chris W. Cox, chairman of the NRA-PVF.  "He's never wavered, never backed down and never stood still in the fight to protect our freedoms."
Scott Walker has also taken a decent amount of money from the NRA and that does not count anything under the table.

Well Scott Walkers good friends at the NRA just held their annual meeting, where they endorsed Trump for President.    While that is no surprise, what else was going in is!  

It seems that one of their main vendors, had a "Brilliant" idea on how to sell more products and that idea was this:

At the National Rifle Association's annual convention in Houston, Texas this weekend, a company that sells shooting targets "designed to help YOU prepare for the upcoming Zombie outbreak" displayed much of what is wrong with the pro-gun movement with its foul "Ex-Girlfriend" target that bleeds when you shoot it. The more you shoot the iconization of the woman you hate (a 'slut' with her large breasts bulging out of her tanktop) the more she bleeds and her body, once sexy, becomes mangled.  It is a startling reminder of the normalization of violence against women in America, and the latest in delegitimization of the pro-gun lobby's claims that firearms are an equalizer for women.
This of course comes as no surprise, since last year they had a a target designed to look like President Obama.(because freedom and all)

Do not worry, it is not like the NRA hates women, it actually shows how much they like and respect women!

The company has a line of 15 zombies (one of which resembled President Obama so much that it was pulled from the conference by the NRA) and only one is female. "To discriminate against Women by not having them represented in our product selection would be just plain sexist," the website says. YES, because having the only female character in your line of mannequin targets be "the ex-girlfriend" doesn't reinforce sexist and fatally dangerous stereotypes. 
Should be quite the interesting election season!   Has anyone asked Michelle Litjens and Rebecca Kleefisch if they have bought their "ex" target?  

What other politicians in WI are proud of their A+ NRA rating?

Friday, May 20, 2016

Master Chief Petty Governor of Wisconsin - Scott Walker

By Jeff Simpson

The University of Wisconsin System has been holding no confidence votes in President Ray Cross and the Board of Regents.   Since Scott Walker has packed the Board of Regents with unqualified cronies, he took it personally.

That led Scott Walker to channel his inner 6th grader and write(have ghost written) an op-ed heavily criticizing, one of our finest public institutions in the state, that he laughingly titled

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Faculty Fuss Leaves Out Important Facts

“The facts speak for themselves,” Governor Walker said.  “The bottom line is UW System funding stands at an all-time high, spending per student at UW-M is up more than 40 percent since 2002-03, and faculty is spending less time in the classroom.   We want to preserve the world-renowned quality of the UW System while protecting students and taxpayers.”
I say laughingly, because Walker's press release where he fills in "important facts", was given a "pants on fire" rating by Walker friendly politifact.

It was not just Scott Walker either, Career criminal and GOP assembly majority leader Jim Steineke. warned the faculty about these no confidence votes that they had better shut up.

On Tuesday, Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke, R-Kaukauna, defended Cross and the Regents, described the changes to tenure as "minor" and criticized faculty for bringing the no confidence vote.
“This action ... shows an arrogance that doesn't serve the university or its students well," Steineke said. "It’s a clear example of the complete disconnect between UW-Madison faculty who seem to expect their job to come with a forever guarantee and the average Wisconsin family struggling just to make ends meet.”
A college dropout, who was part of an incredible unethical redistricting of Wisconsin to make sure that he has a job for life telling Phd level world renowned professors that the changes to tenure were minor.

If only we could mine irony.

These attacks on the UW system and Professors, went unanswered by the Administration but not by the Professors.

Ironically, it is Walker himself and the rest of the GOP who are preventing the University of Wisconsin from offering a competitive product in a global marketplace.
Let’s start with price. Businesses charge market rates for their products and services. Top-tier private colleges and universities right now are charging $44,000 or more in tuition each year, more than four times the rate of in-state tuition for an education at the UW-Madison,ranked in the top 50 universities around the world.
Why are prices so low? Because politicians have put a cap on tuition.
It’s like telling Toyota that they must charge a particular price for their cars, while letting Honda and General Motors and Hyundai sell the same — or inferior — vehicles to the same customers at four times the cost.
Unfortunately the Professors that are fighting back, are doing so as they are packing their cars to go to greener pastures.

I myself am now leaving the University of Wisconsin after 14 years. At my new university in another state, I will have stronger tenure protections than I now have here. I will earn about 50 percent more than my current salary for the same job. And I will be free from the strange crazy-making double-speak that on one hand demands that higher education deliver value like a business, and on the other hand, methodically prevents it from doing so.
Caroline Levine will be resigning from her job as professor and chair of the English department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison this summer.
These continued acts of telling the truth about whats happening in their workplace finally drew a response from the administration and sadly, it was directed at the faculty.

The adversarial relationship between the University of Wisconsin and Gov. Scott Walker is perilous, UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank told faculty Tuesday.
“It makes me really worried going into this budget round how we maintain a civil and useful conversation,” Blank said at a session of the campus Faculty Senate. Beyond that, a strained relationship with the governor jeopardizes the long-term prospects for investment in and future strategic growth of the university, she said.
And the kind of war of words in the media that emerged recently between the governor and UW faculty is “dangerous, should it continue,” Blank said.
Let me translate for you.

UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank told faculty that they need to stop telling the truth because Scott Walker and the GOP Legislature are a petty vindictive, childish bunch that will punish them in the next budget for daring to fight back.  

The attacks on the University of Wisconsin system have had real and long last effects.   The University of Wisconsin system is truly the engine that drives our economy and for someone in a position as Scott Walker to punish his perceived enemies, because they have a differing opinion while making the whole state suffer for years shows you exactly who Scott Walker and his allies are.

That an op-ed written by a Professor would have any effect on the UW-System funding in the next budget shows that they are not fit to be on a Junior High Student Council.

We need to show them in November that pettiness makes one unemployed!


 Pope Francis may visit New York City in 2015 - NY Daily News

By Jeff Simpson 

Pope Francis recently had this to say during Mass:

During mass at the Vatican, he told a story about a girl who found a job working 11 hours a day for 650 euros ($729) a month, paid "under the table".
"This is starving the people with their work for my own profit! Living on the blood of the people. And this is a mortal sin," he said at the service in his Santa Marta residence.
"Without a pension, without health care ... then they suspend (the contract), and in July and August (the workers) have to eat air. And in September, they laugh at you about it. Those who do that are true bloodsuckers."

Gee no health care, no pension, poor wages,who else could he be talking about?

Milwaukee Custard Stand Has English Only Policy

In Wisconsin, we take our food seriously, whether it be brats, beer or cheese. And, of course, we love our frozen custard.

One of the most iconic places to get frozen custard is Leon's Custard, located on the south side of Milwaukee. Leon's is the go to place in Milwaukee and people visiting from out of town make a purpose to go there while visiting. The lines are always long, even in the winter.

But for the past few days, the custard hasn't been as sweet. Not since it was revealed that the owner of Leon's, Ron Schneider, had an English-only business practice:
But customer Joey Sanchez said his Tuesday visit to Leon's wasn't as accommodating as Schneider lets on.

Sanchez said he was in line behind a Spanish-speaking woman who was told by an employee to place her order in English. When it was his turn to order, Sanchez, who speaks both English and Spanish, went to the window and proceeded to order in Spanish.

"She confirmed it to me in my face. She say, 'I'm not allowed to speak Spanish to you,'" Sanchez said, adding that the experience left him frustrated because Leon's makes "a good profit out of the Spanish community."

He said he believes it could only help Schneider if he relaxed his policy.

"I believe if I can ask for a product in my language and have somebody there that can speak it and understand me better, it's going to be better for him," Sanchez said. "It's going to attract more Latino customers and at the end he's going to show a better heart about how he feels about the Hispanic community."
Not only is a dumb business practice to have in general, but it is exceptionally stupid when one considers that Leon's is located in a predominantly Spanish-speaking neighborhood.

To make matters worse, Schneider then goes on to try to whitesplain things:
"I'd prefer that (employees) didn't speak in Spanish," said Schneider, who added that his wife is of Spanish and Apache Indian descent and only speaks English.

"This is still the United States. Why do we have to get involved in multi language things?" Schneider said.

If a Spanish-speaking employee is on duty and there is no other way to communicate with a customer Schneider said he would not prevent a Spanish language transaction.

He also pointed out that there are no signs posted pertaining to an English-only policy, that Spanish-speaking employees are free to talk to each other in the language and that his customers can speak any language they want.

"I guess I'm just an old guy too steeped in tradition," Schneider said.
"Steeped in tradition" is just a nice way of saying that the old, prejudiced ways are best.

By the end of the day on Thursday, Schneider relented from all of the bad press and pressure being put on by community groups and said that he had dropped the English-only policy.

However, the damage had already been done. When the news broke, it spread like wildfire on social media and people started an informal boycott. People asked for the feds to investigate whether Schneider violated federal labor laws. People started planning a protest in front of the business.

Interestingly, another business, Bounce Milwaukee really put pressure on by taking the unusual step of offering a free scoop of Purple Door Ice Cream to everyone who asked for it in a language other than English:
We love Milwaukee's linguistic and cultural diversity. To celebrate the amazing cultures and languages in our city, we're offering a free scoop of Purple Door Ice Cream to everyone who orders in a language other than English today. We're open from 10am - 9pm; our staff is happy to help you in English, Spanish, French, German, Tagalog, Croatian, Russian, Menominee, Korean, ASL, and in any other way that they can. No purchase necessary, one per customer (though everyone who makes the attempt in your group can use it); offer good while supplies last.
Yeah, we sure do love our food. Fortunately, many of us also still love our diversity and our sense of common decency.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Racism Will Not Be Allowed * (Exceptions May Apply)

By Jeff Simpson

The University of Wisconsin- Madison has suspended the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity(SAE) for continually making racist slurs.

University of Wisconsin-Madison has suspended the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity through Nov. 1 after an investigation found chapter members repeatedly used racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic slurs, and then ostracized a black member who told them to stop, according to documents released by the university.

In other words, just another day in the office of Representative Bob Gannon (R-white hood movement).  

With this suspension, the College Republicans at UW-Madison, are looking for a new place to have their headquarters.  

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Clinton Family Cabinet

By Jeff Simpson 

I was going to write about how Hillary Clinton would be a terrible President for the environment.   As Naomi Klein puts it:

Books have been filled with the failures of Clinton-style philanthrocapitalism. When it comes to climate change, we have all the evidence we need to know that this model is a disaster on a planetary scale. This is the logic that gave the world fraud-infested carbon markets and dodgy carbon offsets instead of tough regulation of polluters – because, we were told, emission reductions needed to be “win-win” and “market-friendly.”
If the next president wastes any more time with these schemes, the climate clock will run out, plain and simple. If we’re to have any hope of avoiding catastrophe, action needs to be unprecedented in its speed and scope. If designed properly, the transition to a post-carbon economy can deliver a great many “wins”: not just a safer future, but huge numbers of well-paying jobs; improved and affordable public transit; more liveable cities; as well as racial and environmental justice for the communities on the frontlines of dirty extraction.

Then Hillary had this to say:

If she's elected president, Hillary Clinton says she'll appoint her husband, Bill, to oversee the economy.
During a speech in Kentucky Sunday she referred to "my husband, who I will put in charge of revitalizing the economy 'cause he knows what he's doing."
Yowza.  I guess that is better than putting him in charge of our trade policy!   However it got me to thinking, since the Clintons are very well known for cronyism, who else in her family can she put in charge of our Government.  

The first one is Chelsea, although working for the non profit Clinton Foundation nets her over $600/k year.  Luckily for all of us, she really does not care about money!  

Philanthropy is her true passion, Clinton said, and that's why she permanently left Wall Street to join the Clinton Foundation, which she runs with her parents, former first couple Bill and Hillary Clinton.'I was curious if I could care about [money] on some fundamental level, and I couldn’t,' Clinton toldThe Telegraph. 'That wasn’t the metric of success I wanted in my life.

Because Chelsea is such a true philanthropist, I would say she could run the Department of Education, since she came to Madison to make fun of Bernie Sanders plan to give people free college education. Of course to do that she would need to give up her $11 million dollar apartment, $600,000/yr job and be thankful that she already paid for her $3 million dollar wedding prior to "serving" the public.

I also believe that the first son-in-law would do well as Secretary of the Treasury.  He is a Hedge Fund manager who is so amazing that he was able to actually save 10% of his clients investments!  

Chelsea Clinton’s husband is shutting down a hedge fund he founded after losing 90 percent of investors’ money.
Marc Mezvinsky promoted Eaglevale Hellenic Opportunity as a means to bet on, and profit from, a Greek economic recovery. The fund was a spinoff of Eaglevale Partners, a larger hedge fund founded by Mezvinsky and two colleagues from his days working at Goldman Sachs.
The best thing about Mr. Chelsea is his sticktoitiveness

 The effect on Mezvinsky’s hedge fund has been gruesome. It raised $25 million for its investments, but had already lost about 40 percent of its value by early 2015. Rather than shuttering the fund then, Mezvinsky pressed ahead.
Also there has to be a place for Chelsea's father-in-law, maybe in the Justice Department?  Who knows the criminal justice system better than a criminal?

On a darker note, federal prosecutors said Ed Mezvinsky habitually dropped the Clintons' names and boasted of their friendship during the 1990s as he defrauded friends, family members and institutions out of more than $10 million. 
Ed Mezvinsky was sentenced in 2003 to serve 80 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to a massive fraud that prosecutors said amounted to a Ponzi scheme. He was released from custody in April 2008, but remains under federal probation supervision. 
Both he and his wife were forced into bankruptcy, and they quietly divorced in 2007, court records show. 
It is unfortunate that we have finally had an administration free of real scandal and now we are apparently headed back to the Bush era of cronyism, self interests and unethical behavior.  

As they say - In a democracy, we get the Government we deserve!


WI Voter Suppression Law Goes On Trial

The good people at One Wisconsin Now and Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund filed a lawsuit a year ago against the State of Wisconsin regarding the newly enacted voter suppression law. The trial started on Monday with fireworks and the naming of names when former Republican staffer Todd Allbaugh testified against the law:
Todd Allbaugh, who served as chief of staff to then-Sen. Dale Schultz, R-Richland Center, when the state's voter ID law was passed in 2011, said there initially wasn't much enthusiasm among Senate Republicans to pass the bill.

Sen. Mary Lazich, R-New Berlin, argued on the bill's behalf to her colleagues in a closed caucus meeting, Allbaugh testified.

"She got up out of her chair and she hit her finger on the table and said, 'Hey, we've got to think about what this could mean for the neighborhoods around Milwaukee and the college campuses around the state,'" Allbaugh said.

Schultz, who did not seek re-election in 2014, voiced some opposition to the bill and what it might do to voting rights, Allbaugh said. His opposition was met by a spirited defense from then-Sen. Glenn Grothman, now a member of Congress.

"At that point, Sen. Grothman cut him off and said, 'What I’m concerned about is winning. You know as well as I do the Democrats would do this if they had power … so we better get this done while we have the opportunity,'" Allbaugh said.

Allbaugh said Sen. Leah Vukmir, R-Wauwatosa, and then-Sen. Randy Hopper, R-Fond du Lac, were "giddy" and "politically frothing at the mouth" over the bill.

He said several other senators — Neal Kedzie, who resigned in 2014, Robert Cowles, R-Green Bay, and Luther Olsen, R-Ripon — appeared "ashen faced."

Others, he said, didn't show any reaction.
Unsurprisingly, the senators named by Allbaugh have gone into hiding and are not responding to any reporters.

And as if there was any question as to the intent of the voter suppression law passed by these giddy Republicans, the lawyer for the plaintiffs put it as clear as can be:
"Restricting access to the ballot box was not simply a consequence, but the very purpose of these laws," lawyer Josh Kaul told the court, asking not only to have the laws struck down, but for a judge to find they were passed with discriminatory intent.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Election Season of Hate

By Jeff Simpson

Capital Times Reporter Jessie Opoien wrote an excellent piece lately about sexism in politics and what political women on both sides of the aisle have to deal with.  

Perpetrators of sexism and harassment frequently transcend party and gender lines. The hate comes from men, women, Republicans and Democrats alike.
“Because of the treatment women often receive in the media, and particularly on social media, that discourages women who want to protect their families and their children and even sometimes their own reputations and privacy,” said Republican Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch. “And that discouragement simply narrows the pool of people willing to throw their hats in the ring.”

Let's start out by saying there is no place for sexism in the world, in politics or in anyone's everyday life.  That being said, there is also no room for many things in our everyday lives. 

For instance, Ms. Kleefisch while dealing with unnecessary sexism in her life, she can not see the forest for the trees.  As hard as some anonymous trolls make life for her, she did the same to our LGBT friends and neighbors when she was running for office.  

Republican candidate for Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch compared same-sex marriage to marrying a clock during a radio interview.
“This is a slippery slope,” Kleefisch said. “In addition to that at what point are we going to be okay marrying inanimate objects? Can I marry this table or this, you know, clock? Can we marry dogs?
“This is ridiculous,” continued Kleefisch. “And biblically, again, I’m going to go right back to my fundamental Christian beliefs marriage is between one man and one woman.” 

Should we only treat women who live the life we feel they should live as equals?   How can one who deals with discrimination based on things out of her control everyday, go from dealing with it to dishing it out almost in the same breath?  

We could ask newly elected Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley the same:

Tweets mentioning Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley, the conservative candidate in the April judicial election, referred to her as a “worthless whore,” a “ho” and a “psycho bitch.”  

It could be worse than an Internet anonymous troll on twitter, it could have been someone signing their name to an oped.  

I would hate to be a member of the LGBT community in WI and have to argue in front of her in a life or death case.  

But wait there is more, there is always more.    

We have recently come to the end of the Republican race for their Presidential nominee and of the 17 men/women who ran - this guy won. 

So now one of the biggest sexist misogynists in the country will be the Republican nominee for President.   With his despicable past and current actions towards women, I am certain that the GOP will tell him that this behavior is unacceptable from him now right??? 

Or not: according to the head of the GOP Reince Priebus.  

After a week of make-up meetings with Donald Trump, Republican party leaders have arrived at a new strategy to accommodate their presumptive presidential nominee: ignore his problematic attitude to women, his tax issues and his fluctuating positions on trade, immigration, foreign relations and a host of other topics, and instead embrace the will of Republican voters.“We’ve been working on this primary for over a year,” he said. “People don’t care. The question is, who is going to bring an earthquake to Washington DC?”

So we should worry more about the anonymous internet trolls than one of two people who have a chance to President of the US?    Will the people who have to deal with sexism on a daily nasis also come out for Trump for President?  

Stay tuned!